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UL EHS Sustainability empowers organizations to keep workers healthy and safe, enhance compliance, and drive business improvement. Building on its long-standing occupational health products, SYSTOC and OHM, its new PURE™ Platform is a full suite of software solutions designed for transparency into an organization’s overall health, safety, and sustainability. More than 2,000 organizations in 20 industries trust UL’s tools.

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Net Health is the leader in software solutions for specialized outpatient care. Known for being Experts in The Art of the Right Fit®, our fully interoperable EHR solutions serve five medical specialty markets offering clients an end-to-end solution that includes practice management tools, clinical workflow documentation, revenue cycle management, and analytics. We serve healthcare professionals in 3,700 urgent care, wound care, physical therapy, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, occupational medicine, employee health, and workplace medicine facilities. Agility™ for employee health manages immunizations, exposures, surveillance, and more. Agility's occupational medicine EHR has a fully integrated practice management solution that is designed to meet the needs of both independent providers and hospital-owned facilities. It's better, faster documentation that leaves you feeling 100% confident about payment. Conquer employer protocols, billing complexity, and compliance.

Contact Information: 800-411-4281 |

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SportGait provides a medical app for qualified physicians using validated decision support software in an easy to use Platform-as-a-Service. This ensures that sport and employment head injuries are treated with the same rigor as any other injury, by a doctor in the American medical system, not on the sidelines or in the workplace. Providers looking to offer a Safe-to-Safe continuum of care to an underserved market can learn more by contacting us at or visiting Find out more at

Website: Phone number: (910) 541-GAIT (4248) Email: |

Teleradiology Specialists

Teleradiology Specialists is a virtual group practice specializing in Urgent Care, Occupational Health, and Primary Care radiology, currently providing over reads in 46 states and expanding rapidly. We are focused on establishing and maintaining positive communication with the facilities we serve. Our team takes pride in providing excellent customer service and exceeding expectations for turnaround time. We are physician-¬owned, and we understand our highest priority is to provide quality reads promptly and consistently. Our commitment to excellent quality has been a determining factor in our growth. |

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Total Exam Management

3bExam - Total Exam Management to simplify and streamline your physical exam process and forms. Focused on delivering industry leading solutions to Certified Medical Examiners, Urgent Care Clinics, Occupational Health Practices, and Third Party Systems. 3bExam includes: Intelligent Data Collection, Document Management, a Company Portal and Automatic Reporting to the FMCSA for DOT Exams. Thousands of users and over 1 million exams to date! SIMPLE. ACCURATE. COMPLIANT.

For more information:,, Phone: 844-222-3926

(ABOHN) is an independent nursing specialty certification board

The American Board for Occupational Health Nurses (ABOHN) is an independent nursing specialty certification board and was founded in 1972 as an independent not-for-profit organization to set professional standards and conduct occupational health nursing specialty certification for registered nurses. ABOHN is the sole certifying body for occupational health nurses in the United States and awards three credentials: • Certified Occupational Health Nurse (COHN) • Certified Occupational Health Nurse - Specialist (COHN-S) • Case Management (CM) ABOHN has certified approximately 14,000 and currently has 3, 600 certificants. We use predetermined standards of nursing practice to validate an individual registered nurse's qualifications, knowledge and practice in specific areas of occupational health nursing.

Alere is now Abbott.

eScreen® solutions provides next-generation employment screening applications for drug testing and occupational health services. We offer occupational health clinics the tools they need to streamline testing. With an integrated web application and a suite of detection tools, we help automate test administration processes—linking supervisors, managers, collection sites, and employees. We offer complete visibility of test via an automated and paperless web-based platform. Alere is now part of Abbott’s Diagnostics family of businesses. Our complementary portfolios offer customers best-in-class products that deliver reliable and actionable information and drive value in a wide range of settings.

Contact Information: +1 888.669.4337 M. +1 256.701.1673

AngioScreen®, the unique process of integrated vascular disease screening

AngioScreen®, the unique process of integrated vascular disease screening, is an easy-to-take, non-invasive screening lasting 10 minutes providing immediate information about circulation, risk of heart disease, stroke and AAA. Key tests include: ultrasound of left and right carotid arteries, ABI, EKG, BMI and abdominal aorta ultrasound. An instant one-page color printout and digital record is provided post screening along with a consultation and educational booklet. AngioScreen® is licensed to hospitals as a community and occupational preventative health and education outreach program. AngioScreen® identifies previously undetected conditions and encourages participants to enter mainstream medicine for follow-up patient care.

Contact Information: Heather Gilbert Vice President, Marketing 615-400-1773

Aspen Medical Products

Aspen Medical Products is a leader in the development of innovative spinal braces for pain management, post-trauma stabilization, pre- and post-surgical stabilization and long-term patient care. Aspen’s commitment to clinical research is unparalleled in the orthotics community and has directly impacted product development, providing unsurpassed motion restriction, superior comfort and the most effective pain relieving braces on the market. The company makes more than 35 spinal orthotics options, including the award winning Vista® adjustable product lines that provide unsurpassed motion restriction, superior comfort and an economic advantage, encouraging better patient compliance.

Contact Information: 412.897.3909 /

Benson Medical Instruments Co

Benson Medical Instruments Co. designs and manufactures audiometers, earplug fit testers, spirometers, and software to manage hearing conservation and occupational spirometry programs. Benson instruments are widely used in military, industrial and government safety and health applications.

For more information: Jim Teter, Sales Manager, 310 Fourth Avenue South, Suite 5000, Minneapolis, MN 55415 USA (Office) +1 612-827-2222 (Email) (Website)

Bill Dunbar and Associates

Bill Dunbar and Associates [BDA] provides revenue growth strategies to clinics and hospitals throughout the United States. BDA's team of professionals and certified coders increase the reimbursement to its clients by improving documentation, coding, and billing. BDA offers a comprehensive, customized, budget-neutral program focusing on improving compliance along with net revenue per patient encounter. Additionally, BDA Health Informatics (BDA-HI) provides actionable healthcare information and decision-making tools for populations, providers, and patient-specific health, treatment, and cost challenges. BDA-HI works with clients to deliver information and intelligence for deeper insights and better decision-making.

Contact Information: 317-247-8014 |


BrainScope One is a revolutionary new FDA-cleared head injury assessment technology to help physicians and providers objectively assess work-related head injuries. It uses award-winning EEG-based technology to allow objective, robust assessment of the full spectrum of head injuries—immediately, or up to 72 hours after the injury takes place. BrainScope One can help the physician assess if a patient presenting with mild head injuries requires a head CT or not, and with the same EEG and other neurocognitive tests, if the patient has a functional abnormality, including concussion – all in the matter of minutes.

Contact Information: 855-9-BRAIN-1 or Company website:

Consumer Health Connections

About Consumer Health Connections Headquartered in Waukesha, Wisconsin, Consumer Health Connections (CHC), is a software technology company at the forefront of the workers’ compensation market. CHC’s disruptive technology solution integrates telepresence and telemedicine to streamline the claims and case management process. CHC’s innovative solution saves companies significant money and resources by offering a workers’ compensation telemedicine solution, telepresence triage and a recorded intake which eliminates gaps in the current process, challenging the “status quo” and moving clients to the next generation. CHC’s end to end solution provides transparency, promotes accuracy and allows all key stakeholders to communicate in real-time through a central communication portal. The data tracking system and automated workflow features keeps all parties aligned. CHC has recently expanded their technology solution into additional casualty lines, including general liability and auto. CHC’s visual recorded statement platform is moving the market from telephonic intake to full video – creating the ability to have immediate visual verification with instant video file export and send capabilities.

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Clinical Reference Laboratory

Clinical Reference Laboratory is one of the largest privately held certified laboratories in the country. We have a passion for better outcomes powered by greater insights and are committed to progressing in ways that help our customers achieve success. Discover how our commitment to quality, innovation, analytics and service excellence create an advantage for our customers.

Contact Information: 800-445-6917 |


Everflex -93% of people who have muscle and joint pain never receive the care they need. This can lead to invasive surgery, time off work, and potential opioid addiction. To counter this, our Everflex team has designed a software solution that will guide individuals with common muscle and joint pain to the right care at the right time. Everflex creates individualized recovery programs that are designed to meet the unique needs of each individual. We have created a 24/7, self-service website that puts the science of musculoskeletal clinical practice at your fingertips, enabling you to match your symptoms to common muscle and joint disorders. Everflex makes lives better by delivering specific treatment exercises that are full-length and narrated by a physical therapist in the privacy of your own home and on your schedule.


HealthWell Solutions

HealthWell Solutions is a leading healthcare consulting organization that provides proven strategies for Population Health Initiatives focused on reducing healthcare costs, improving employee productivity and overall engagement in wellness initiatives. We design and customize health management solutions for any type of organization while keeping aligned with your business goals. We utilize evidence based products and methodologies

Contact Information: 888-935-4434

Industrial Physical Capability Services (IPCS)

IPCS offers multiple physical strength evaluations allowing an employer to evaluate their workforce and lower healthcare cost. These evaluations can determine if a candidate is physically capable for a specific position, if an employee is physically capable to return to work, and the risk for disease among their current employees. When we compare today’s workforce to 2008, individuals are 13lbs heavier, have 23% less absolute knee strength, and 18% less absolute shoulder strength. With over 20 years of business and nationally spread, our clients experience ROI’s up to $15 for every $1 invested. IPCS prevents employers from HIRING THE CLAIM!

President – Tom Gilliam 330-463-5757 Director of Sales & Marketing – Vicki Church 330-463-5757

Jellyfish Health

We believe the core success of a healthcare enterprise is driven by patients and their experiences. Jellyfish Health changes the patient experience journey before, during and after the patient visit, to help you meet your goals of creating brand equity and loyal patients. Our solutions for employer services help tailor your on-site services to accommodate and ensure quality medical care for your client’s specific needs. - Get-in-line for urgent care and blended clinics - Self-scheduling for onsite services - Automated communication - Optimize throughput