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Net Health is the leader in software solutions for specialized outpatient care. Known for being Experts in The Art of the Right Fit®, our fully interoperable EHR solutions serve five medical specialty markets offering clients an end-to-end solution that includes practice management tools, clinical workflow documentation, revenue cycle management, and analytics. We serve healthcare professionals in 3,700 urgent care, wound care, physical therapy, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, occupational medicine, employee health, and workplace medicine facilities. Agility™ for employee health manages immunizations, exposures, surveillance, and more. Agility's occupational medicine EHR has a fully integrated practice management solution that is designed to meet the needs of both independent providers and hospital-owned facilities. It's better, faster documentation that leaves you feeling 100% confident about payment. Conquer employer protocols, billing complexity, and compliance.

Contact Information: 800-411-4281 |

Preferred Vendors

Alere™ Toxicology and Alere eScreen® Solutions

With more than 3,500 connected collection sites and 6 laboratories globally, we process more than 10 million laboratory drug test specimens and distribute more than 100 million rapid testing devices each year. In addition to managing the entire drug screening process from scheduling to collection to reporting, we also offer automated solutions for regulated test programs, biometric screening solutions, and web-based services that streamline employee physical examinations and simplify the reporting process.

Contact Information: 888.669.4337

Bill Dunbar and Associates

Bill Dunbar and Associates [BDA] provides revenue growth strategies to clinics and hospitals throughout the United States. BDA's team of professionals and certified coders increase the reimbursement to its clients by improving documentation, coding, and billing. BDA offers a comprehensive, customized, budget-neutral program focusing on improving compliance along with net revenue per patient encounter. Additionally, BDA Health Informatics (BDA-HI) provides actionable healthcare information and decision-making tools for populations, providers, and patient-specific health, treatment, and cost challenges. BDA-HI works with clients to deliver information and intelligence for deeper insights and better decision-making.

Contact Information: 317-247-8014 |

Corporate Health Resources, Inc.

CHR has over 30 years of experience as an occupational health provider network. CHR is known as the company you call whether you need a drug screen collection in Wyoming, a DOT exam in Texas, an IME in Denver, an audiogram in New York and/or periodic exams and credentialing for your sales force scattered throughout the country. CHR coordinates exams and testing in all 50 states and many international locations as well.

Contact Information: 800-867-0933 |

Clinical Reference Laboratory

Clinical Reference Laboratory is one of the largest privately held certified laboratories in the country. We have a passion for better outcomes powered by greater insights and are committed to progressing in ways that help our customers achieve success. Discover how our commitment to quality, innovation, analytics and service excellence create an advantage for our customers.

Contact Information: 800-445-6917 |

Health Connections Networks™

HEALTH CONNECTIONS NETWORKS™ (“HCN”) builds and operates secure electronic networks for the Work Comp/Occupational Medicine market. By building tight linkages between all Work Comp stakeholders – Providers, Self-Insured Employers, Payers, TPA’s – HCN helps manage costs, improve medical care and accelerate return-to-work — driving better outcomes for all. HCN improves outcomes by changing the way Providers communicate patient data to Payers, Employers and other authorized entities.

Contact Information: 1-866-426-0808 |

Health Well Advisors

Health Well Advisors is a leading healthcare consulting organization that provides proven strategies for Population Health Initiatives focused on reducing healthcare costs, improving employee productivity and overall engagement in wellness initiatives. We design and customize health management solutions for any type of organization while keeping aligned with your business goals. We utilize evidence based products and methodologies that incorporate an organization’s telemedicine, health coaching, data analytics, incentives and benefit plan design, biometric screening, wellness resources, care coordination, disease management, wellness portal and employee communications, and fitness and ergonomics.

Contact Information: 1-888-935-4434 |


PD-Rx offers more than 5,000 prepackaged medications for your in-office dispensing needs. Our FREE, easy-to-use web-based software enhances the in-office dispensing experience, from managing your medication inventory and facilitating online ordering, to ensuring state regulatory compliance. PDRxNet software also provides the opportunity to e-prescribe directly from your Electronic Medical Record (EMR) into our web-based product. The PD-Rx Management Team possesses the highest cumulative level of experience in the industry. We are fully pedigree compliant and are licensed in all 50 states.

Contact Information: 800- 299-7379 |

Travel Health

We train your healthcare providers to provide travel health care with our CME/CNE accredited web course, a great introduction or refresher course. Additionally, our online Traveler Video saves time during appointments and helps you teach your organization’s international travelers how to stay healthier during travel.

To learn more, visit our website or call 914-525-5418